Arcus LImestone Stucco™ is a proprietary blend of quarried limestone aggregates, bonding agents, sand and Portland cement that when applied produces the wonderful European look of mottled, aged stucco with a rich, warm patina and a timeless appeal. It is also uncommonly strong, with a compressive strength rivaling concrete, and a durability that truly lasts.

Crushed Limestone is the key to both the beauty and durability of Arcus Limestone Stucco. The naturally coarser rounds of limestone aggregate in the mix reflect light differently than the finer aggregate. This produces elegant color shifts instead of a single hue. The product is available in 15 standard colors using powdered mineral oxide pigments, and can be custom colored to match virtually any project.

The high-performance qualities of Arcus Limestone Stucco™ make it suitable for interior or exterior applications — boasting compressive and tensile strength that is unmatched in the category. The field-applied mix can be used on vertical surfaces, and is often specified in conjunction with Arcus Stonecoat on projects calling for a natural product with its own limestone formulation and a look compatible with cut stone.