ArcusStone natural limestone finishes and lime plasters were developed for those of us who prefer the beauty and durability of stone and traditional plaster. The original trowel-applied ArcusStone formulation was inspired by the example of artisans working in Europe who used a water-based mix of crushed limestone, sand and cement for the restoration of historic stone structures.

Limestone is often layered on the earth’s surface, like these cliffs in Scotland’s Aran Islands

The limestone destined for use in ArcusStone coatings and plasters is naturally quarried stone

The limestone rocks for ArcusStone’s coatings come from a Texas quarry.

The limestone rocks are crushed into gravel.

In 1995, this concept of using crushed limestone to create true stone coatings provided the creative spark for the U.S.-based designers, applicators and craftsmen who set out to perfect a comparable formula that would comply with American construction requirements for increased durability and strength. This was accomplished through the use of a unique blend of natural minerals, special bonding agents and proprietary ingredients, combined with Portland cement for additional strength.

By combining ArcusStone field‐applied decorative limestone coatings with carvings and manufactured products, a specifier could create a unified look for new construction or remodeling projects. A blend of old world and modern techniques enabled skilled ArcusStone Applicators and Licensed Manufacturers to create beautiful stone installations with a range of  finished looks in a variety of natural colors and textures.

The company’s breakthrough limestone coating, Arcus Stonecoat provided architects and designers with a lightweight, cost effective alternative when specifying stone. The coating was soon specified for a variety of projects including high-end hotels, showcase residences, upscale retail shops and distinctive public buildings that called for a combination of elegance, durability and the timeless appeal of natural stone.

The gravel is ground into a finer mixture.

A Wine Country, California project in progress featuring Arcus Lime Plaster (Fine)

A finished project, the Westin Hotel, in Huntsville, Alabama

Today, ArcusStone encompasses both its proven crushed limestone coating, Arcus Stonecoat, its complementary counterpart, the cement-based Arcus Limestone Stucco (formerly “Arcus Plaster”) along with the newest release, Arcus Marblecoat. A new line of European-style lime plasters suitable for both interior and exterior applications, Arcus Lime Plaster (Fine) and Arcus Lime Plaster (Medium), deliver beautiful, artisan effects with far less effort and expense than traditional imported plasters. All of the company’s products are natural, healthful, non-combustible, durable and sustainable in keeping with the founder’s vision and her pursuit of The Art of Limestone.

We encourage you to learn more about our products, and request a sample for inspiration.

Both Arcus Stonecoat and Arcus LImestone Stucco were used on Florida’s International Design Center